David Bowie's song keeps running through my head today. We're somewhat averse to change in this house for some reason. It's always easier to put something off for another day than do it now. Then when things start piling up it all gets so overwhelming. That's where we find ourselves this summer. We have some big projects looming and they're not the fun kind. I'm talking about a new roof, insulation upgrades, replacing windows and house painting. We haven't started any of those yet and it's already the summer solstice!

Since I can't do much about the big projects myself I decided I would tackle a little project that is long overdue. We live in a small 3-bedroom 1100 square foot house. When our three kids were all home there was barely enough room to turn around in. As a result when we bought our first family computer the only space available for it was in our master bedroom. For the record that computer had a cutting edge 486 processor running Windows 95. So yeah, it's been a few years.

At any rate, we've been empty nesters for four years now and there is still a computer in our bedroom. We're in the process of turning our daughter's old room into a new office/guest room. That project has been tabled for the time being until we get the new windows installed and some other repairs done. In the meantime the computer is going to be moved to the former boy's room, now my sewing room. I don't do much sewing anyway so it might as well be used for something. I can't wait to have that extra space in our room! And if I have anything to say about it that space will stay that way. Wonderfully, gloriously empty!

I have several other projects waiting in the wings that I want to get to this summer. By wings I mean the garage, where my husband would like to see some empty space also.

First up is this fantastic mid-century modern desk. I found it at St. Vincent dePaul while visiting our daughter one weekend. We didn't really need another desk but there was no way I was going to leave it behind and regret it later. Somehow we managed to squeeze it in to an already full car. I love, love, love the drawer detail on the left side! There are three drawers but it looks like a wood plantation shutter or something. The wide shallow drawer could easily be converted into a keyboard tray. It's in good shape structurally but the finish needs work. I haven't decided yet if I'll try to restore it or paint it. For just 35 beans not a bad find. Not sure yet if this will go in the new office or replace the desk in the sewing room.

Next is an old toddler's rocking chair. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with it once I finish making it over. Save it for future grandkids? Sell it? My brother had one almost exactly like it when he was little with a gray tweed vinyl covering. This will obviously be getting paint and some new upholstery. I'm envisioning a fun Orla Kiely print like some of those found here.

And finally, a pair of wrought iron x-benches that need new paint and new cushions. Button tufted maybe? They'll go side by side in front of a new sleep sofa in the office. Don't you just love that crazy zigzag 70's print velvet fabric? Unfortunately it's filthy and covering a piece of unpadded plywood. Plus it really, really bugs me that the zigzags aren't centered.

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As you can see I have a bit of work cut out for me this summer. So the sooner I get started the better!

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