Cousin Eddie in the Neighborhood

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For years we had to put up with the house across the street that was a college student rental. Oh the tales I could tell.

Then community efforts succeeded in having the neighborhood rezoned to single family, meaning no more than three unrelated people could live in a house. The one across the street was grandfathered in until, if and when, it were sold. Finally the day came and a nice young couple moved in. The husband was a construction major at the local university. They invested two years of sweat equity into restoring the house top to bottom, inside and out. The eyesore became a cute bungalow once again. We were thrilled! The house went on the market right about the same time the housing bubble burst.

The house didn't sell and students moved in again. This time was different. There were fewer of them and they were quiet and respectful of the neighborhood which is a blend of families, single adults, empty nesters and senior citizens. They mowed the lawn, planted flowers, shoveled in the winter and didn't have loud late night parties. We were a bit sad to see them move out at the end of the school year.

At the beginning of summer a family moved in. For the first time in several decades there was a real family with kids living in the house! This was a welcome development...or so we thought. The first clue should have been when they pulled up at midnight with a big U-Haul and spent all night unloading. In the morning there were boxes and dressers and all manner of things piled up on the front porch. Every day more stuff appeared. Garbage cans, recycling bins, a charcoal grill, a lawnmower, four bicycles, a motor scooter, a piece of exercise equipment. Next came a wheelbarrow and a motorcycle. One day a chest freezer materialized on the side deck. One evening, long after dark, the neighbors assembled a new gas grill by the lovely glow of a bright double spotlight. I should mention that there isn't a garage on the property. But there is a big roomy empty back yard. Not that they've noticed or anything. So things were becoming an eyesore once again.

Then yesterday I looked out to see one of these in the front yard!

Really? REALLY?? R-E-A-L-L-Y?????  It's like ten freakin' feet square! I'm starting to feel like we're living in a National Lampoon movie and Cousin Eddie and his family have just moved in across the street. Any day now I expect to see a blue port-a-potty in the yard.

Have any interesting neighbor stories of your own to tell? Are we crazy to have stayed here all these years? 

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