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A few more changes are happening around the house. First we moved the computer out of our master bedroom, which I told about here. It was a good move in more ways than one. For starters we finally have a bedroom that is not also an office. Second, the computer is now right next to the file cabinet and a few feet from a bookshelf. It feels like a real office set-up. There are also windows just to the left of the desk that overlook the backyard and gardens. A much nicer view than the street view we had before. Although this was just supposed to be a temporary deal I'm thinking I kind of like it. Now I'm mentally re-inventing the other room as my sewing room.

Parsons bed from Room and Board
Anyway, back to the weekend project. Friday we brought home our new bed. It's the Parsons bed from Room and Board. We gave a lot of thought to the purchase of this piece.

First of all, our new mattress (which should be delivered any day now I hope) doesn't require a box spring; we needed a platform bed of some kind. The problem with many platform beds is that they sit quite low, which isn't so great as your knees get older. The Parson's bed sits at a normal bed height. Bonus: There's plenty of room underneath for a couple baskets for additional storage space.

Second, we're trying to live a greener life these days and this bed really fits the criteria. It's made of handcrafted steel by a Minneapolis company called Bell Manufacturing. That means it's made less than 100 miles from our house. Every step of manufacturing their furniture is done by hand and a good percentage of the steel they use is recycled. Any leftover scrap metal is donated to a local high school shop program. Water used in the manufacturing process is recycled whenever possible. Paying it forward, we recycled most of our old box spring. Instead of just taking it to be landfilled, we (meaning my husband) disassembled it. All the metal springs and slats were taken to our recycling center. The wood was kept for re-use. Only the fabric coverings were put in the trash. Our bed frame and brass headboard were still in good shape so we posted those on craigslist and I'm happy to report both quickly found new homes, plus put a little extra cash in our pockets.

Finally, we really like the simple design of the new bed. It's clean and modern, yet marries well with almost any furniture style. The welded points on the raw steel show a subtle rainbow coloring from the heat of the welding process. And this thing is built solid and heavy! Plus we're hoping for a much more restful sleep once we get our NaturaLatex Tranquil mattress, which is made of 66% green, natural and organic components.

Because one project always leads to another (it's an irrefutable law of home projects), we decided to make some electrical changes while we were at it. The only outlet on the wall where the bed sits was centered right behind the headboard, which isn't too convenient. We changed it so we now have one on each side of the bed. It'll give us an extra outlet and be much more accessible. That delayed getting the bed set up for one night so we had to sleep with the mattress on the floor. It's amazing how much dust can be spied from that level!

That pretty much recaps our weekend except for an unexpected guest who showed up. I'll tell about that later this week. Did you have any weekend projects? Any unexpected guests? Do tell.

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