Goodwill - The Twilight Zone

My husband is on vacation this week, or as he likes to say "practicing for retirement". Since the weather is too wet to do anything outside we decided to go check out some area thrift stores. Although not one to enjoy shopping much he does tolerate a resale store now and then. We've gotten into a routine when we go into a shop. Hubs heads for the book section. He's usually on the look-out for large print books for his 91 year old mom and "arm chair" travel books for himself.

While he has his nose in the books I'm scouting out vintage finds for my Etsy shop. Here's where the twilight zone in the title of this post comes in. The last three times we've been in Goodwill together I haven't been able to find him when it came time to leave. You have to realize that the GW in our town is not that big at all. I head for the book section first. He's not there. Then to men's clothes. Nope, not there either. I walk up and down all the aisles, peeking under the doors of the dressing rooms to see if I can spy his feet. Nope. I wait awhile thinking maybe he went into the restroom. Still no husband. I try calling his cell phone. No answer, because of course it's at home in the drawer where he empties his pocket each night.  Finally I just pay for my things and head out to the car, thinking maybe he got tired of waiting for me and is already there, catching a cat nap. Not there. So I get in and wait, and wait, and wait some more. Fifteen or so minutes later he finally shows up. He claims that he was looking for me all the time I was looking for him. I swear that when we enter that place we suddenly enter two different dimensions!

Today I came home with quite a few finds, most of which will eventually end up in my Etsy shop. A couple of things I'll be keeping for myself. The find of the day for me was a vintage bowling bag. It'll make a great little tote or picnic bag. Maybe I'll use it for my knitting. I was so excited to find it and it was less than $3. It even has a padlock and key!

Here's a peek at a few other things that will be making it into my shop soon.  I hope you'll check it out.  You can always find my Red Telly shop by clicking on the tab at the top of the page. 

Have you found any good treasures lately? Lost someone in a store? Anyone into vintage bowling bags?

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