Party Decorations

This past weekend we celebrated my mother's 85th birthday with a big family picnic. I wanted it to look fun and colorful. I've been noticing the beautiful tissue paper poms around the web and decided it couldn't be any more difficult to make these than the kleenex flowers we used to make in grade school. I was right. It was so much fun! I made six poms, each in a different bright color. I had lots of nice comments about them and will be sure to use this idea again somewhere down the line. In the meantime I'm left with these six big poms taking up space so I've decided to list them on craigslist and hope someone else can make use of them. If you're in the western Wisconsin area have a look.

By the way, if you want to make these yourself you can find lots of tutorials online. This is a good one at Suburban Bliss. I found the selection of tissue paper colors was pretty limited in most of the stores near me. If you have the time, which I didn't, Office Depot has a great selection online and quick shipping.

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