I'm feeling lazy today. I guess I'm practicing for next week when the temperatures are supposed to soar into the mid 90's and stay there for about five days. In that vein I'm sending you off to enjoy some other bloggers today.

Apple Cheddar Sandwich
I recently discovered a couple of new favorites that I've been pouring over. The first is a food blog called a pear to remember. There are tons of food blogs out there but I like this one because 1) it's mostly vegetarian and 2) has lots of easy quick recipes that are budget conscious. Last night we had apple cheddar sandwiches for supper. Talk about easy and quick. It just fit the bill for a light summer meal along with some kettle chips and a cold beer. It's not uncommon for us to be eating dinner at 8:30 or even 9:00 some of these summer evenings. We want to take advantage of the long daylight hours while we can.

The second blog which I found via the aforementioned blog is Stuff White People Like by Christian Lander. It's a humorous, tongue-in-cheek blog about just what it says. And please, no comments that it's racist. It's meant to be funny. It's not mean or hateful. Okay? It's a white guy writing about white people. He also has a NY Times bestseller by the same name. This is what he has to say about his book and white people:
They love nothing better than sipping free-trade gourmet coffee, leafing through the Sunday New York Times, and listening to David Sedaris on NPR (ideally all at the same time). Apple products, indie music, food co-ops, and vintage T-shirts make them weak in the knees.
They pretend to be unique, yet somehow they’re all exactly the same, talking abut how they “get” Sarah Silverman’s “subversive” comedy and Wes Anderson’s “droll” films. They are also down with diversity and up on all the best microbrews, breakfast spots, foreign cinema, and authentic sushi. They’re organic, ironic, and do not own TVs.
You know who they are: They’re white people. And they’re here, and you’re gonna have to deal. Fortunately, here’s a book that investigates, explains, and offers advice for finding social success with the Caucasian persuasion. So lose yourself in the ultimate guide (featuring brand-new entries and extras!) to the unbearable whiteness of being.

My favorite on his list of white people likes is #49 Vintage.  It's hilarious and personally a tad bit too close to home. I haven't read through too much of the blog yet. I'm saving it for the next few hot days when it gets too hot to move. A cold drink, some AC, a comfortable chair and blog reading sounds just about right.

Image: A Pear to Remember

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