New at Etsy and a Recipe For You

I was up way too late last night thanks to one of those July storms I mentioned in the last post. They started blowing the warning sirens shortly before midnight. Fortunately it was just rain and lightening, nothing severe, but I did drag myself out of bed with my pillow and blanket to camp out on the couch downstairs for awhile. We have two big trees just outside our bedroom window and it always makes me nervous when the wind starts blowing. The hubby, as usual, didn't get too worried and slept through most of it.

I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon listing some new items on Etsy. You can check out my shop anytime by clicking on the tab just under the header at the top of the page here. I still have a few things left to list and then I'm putting on blinders whenever I go past any garage sales or thrift stores. I'm running out of room to store anything else until I sell some of my current stock.

Here are just a few things I haven't listed yet.

This Danish modern wall fixture would be really nice for anyone with mid-century decor. It's in really great condition, including the shades, which are clean and perfect. I love the way it looks at night with the lamp lit to show off the texture of the shade fabric. The lamps swivel and you can light either side or both at once. 

Now that I'm thinking about it, it rather reminds me of one of those motel light fixtures that you'd see between two beds. Okay, so maybe it did come out of a motel. Maybe one of those old mom and pop establishments along Route 66 where you park right outside your room. The kind with the metal lawn chair next to the door and the coin operated vibrating bed. Not that I'd know anything about that!

 I keep hearing that brass is making a comeback. If so my bathroom will be back in style I guess. (I just have to wait it out until wallpaper borders make a comeback too.)  I picked up a couple of these wall sculptures just in case. Have you seen this really great one over at The Brick House? Very cool and edgy...really edgy, as in ouch! Granted, mine weren't cut with a torch, but for someone wanting to start out with a  small dose of brass this might be nice. 

I found the Chinese ceramic bank at a thrift store. I've never seen anything quite like it before. I would love to know what it says. It has a rather cartoonish figure on the side with a dragon and a kite. It's made of ceramic and has a faux leather top. A metal bar runs through the cap and bank to keep the contents safe and it's secured by a padlock. I tried searching the internet for something like it but haven't had any luck yet. 

I love old metal boxes like this. I have several in my shop already and a couple more yet to list. They can be used for so many things. I particularly like them for storing photographs. I have quite a few photos from pre-digital days that aren't in albums that I want to preserve. You don't have to worry about off-gassing and chemicals that will harm the pictures in these metal boxes, as opposed to the plastic or cardboard photo boxes. 

I'm heading to my kitchen next to spend the rest of the afternoon doing some baking. 

via Whole Foods Market
I made a batch of gluten-free carrot date muffins last week. So, so good. I used quinoa flour and regular flour, so mine aren't gluten free, but still very yummy. They're almost gone so I need to make more. 


Been baking anything in your kitchen? Or is it too hot to use the oven? I'd love to get a solar oven some day. Then I wouldn't have to worry about heating up the house or using any fossil fuels. 

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