Of Procrastination and Fruit Cakes

This post title should be in bold, large font, capital letters. Procrastination should be my middle name. My mother tells me I was actually born on my due date but then things went downhill from there. I am the queen of unfinished projects. I bow down at the feet of people who get an idea, dive in and are done with something in the time it takes me to write this blog post, like John and Sherry at YHL or Benita at Chez Larsson.  Amazing! Me? I like to mull things over and let them age like a good fruit cake. Or in this case like one of those fruit cakes no one wants that gets passed back and forth year after year. I want to be absolutely sure that a project I'm considering has been looked at from every possible angle, that I've researched it to death and will love the results. Of course in the meantime I get distracted by the next great idea which continues the ugly cycle.

I have two "fruit cakes" in particular that I'd really like to get crossed off my list. These have been aging for a few years to the point of stinking. My husband has threatened to toss them (or me) on the curb with "free" signs on several occasions, only to get a reprieve when I promise that I'll take care of them soon.

Fruit cake #1:
Goldie then...

I found a chair with lots of potential at a thrift shop. Let's call her Goldie. Nice mid-century lines and very similar to a chair sold by Room and Board for hundreds of dollars. It only needed to be reupholstered. By me, of course, who has never done anything of the sort before, but how hard can it be? Tying new springs? Can't be that hard. After about $150 investment in tools (air compressor, upholstery stapler, tack hammer, webbing stretcher) and supplies (springs, webbing, tack strips, batting, foam, fabric) I carefully took the chair apart, documenting it all with photos so I'd remember how to put it back together. Well, that's as far as it got. It's been sitting naked in a corner of the back porch for about 3 years now, maybe more. I don't want to know. I've forgotten how it goes back together, even after studying my photos. And I really don't like the new fabric I chose, a boring neutral. I also don't know where I'll use the chair. But I won't let it go. I should, but that would be conceding defeat, and I just can't. Oh Goldie, I'm so sorry to have neglected you for so long.

...and now.

Fruit cake #2:

Next meet Ratso, a pest of a project that I can't seem to finish. It's actually a three-piece rattan sectional with an armless middle piece. I don't even know how many years this has been hanging around. It came from a dumpster up at the lake. It sat on the deck of the house next door to the cottage for years, exposed to the elements. Then there was a fire and the house sat vacant for another year or so before being torn down. That's when they ended up in the dumpster. I talked my husband into retrieving them, with the intention of donating them to a thrift store since they seemed too good to just be thrown away. But then I had the bright idea of fixing them up and maybe making some money by selling them.  I invested about $80 in upholstery foam for new cushions. Another chunk of change for some outdoor fabric and zippers.  I'd already blown any profit I could possibly make on these.  

A new house has been built where that burnt one stood and has been there for a several years now. I can't even manage to refinish and make cushions for a couple of chairs! I did complete the armless middle section which I'm using in my living room temporarily. The other two sections are taking up space in my garden shed. The foam rubber pieces are stashed in an upstairs closet, springing out at me every time I open the door. Out of sight, out of mind. Now if I can just remember the color of that stain I put on the middle section...

So those are my fruit cakes. Well, a couple of them. There are more I'm afraid. Do you have anything you've been putting off tackling? Any half-baked projects you've been tripping over for years? The procrastination confessional is now open. Tell me about your fruit cakes in the comment section after the post. I'd love to know I'm not alone. Maybe we can start a support group. 

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