It's the start of another summer weekend and I'm making it my ritual to have breakfast on the front porch on at least one morning of the weekend. So here I sit with my coffee, blueberry bagel and cottage cheese. The birds are busy having their morning chats. An occasional dog walker passes by. It's so nice and quiet early on a Saturday morning, and cool. Soon the farmer's market vendors will be making their way to the market a few blocks up the street and then the shoppers.

The heat and humidity of summer have settled in for the duration. June was a cool and rainy month and it seems everyone was lamenting that we weren't going to have summer. With the humidity often come storms late in the day. July usually brings some of our biggest storms which we could do without. We have a good warning system in our community and it's not uncommon to hear the sirens this time of year.

Plans for this weekend include a trip to the farmer's market in a nearby town. They have a beautiful market site and many more vendors than our local market. There's usually live music of some kind to entertain the shoppers. The site is an urban park along a meandering river, that connects with bike trails and foot bridges to the city and beyond. It used to be a blighted industrial area and the city has done a fantastic job in renewing it as mixed use urban development. Next to the park old brick buildings are being rehabbed into lofts with retail space at ground level. New construction is taking place in the empty lots left by buildings that were deemed unsalvageable. It's a very attractive area for young singles and empty nesters in particular and the added accessibility to biking and walking makes it even more so.

Have a great weekend doing something you love. Back on Monday with some new items for my etsy shop. 

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