The Vintage Office

The vintage industrial design trend seems to be everywhere these days. I was a little slow to come on board but it's grown on me quite a bit. To wit, my old beat-up metal trunk is taking up real estate in my house. I have an old galvanized dust pan that I've turned into a mail holder. Assortments of metal office files and boxes are in nearly every room of my house since they are so versatile. An old typewriter cart is soon to find a home as either an end table or nightstand in the house. Two vintage metal barrister bookcases flank the front window in our living room. A big red plastic letter "N" from an old sign leans against the wall on top of my credenza.

I'm particularly drawn to vintage office accessories. When entering a thrift store I usually make a straight beeline to the section where I find office stuff. Still readily available and to be had at bargain prices I rarely leave without something. Following are just a few things I own, have sold or are currently in my Etsy shop.

Vintage push-button alphabetical phone index.

1. Bank check writer.             2. Swingline stapler.
3. Office memo roller           4. Tape label maker.
Wire paper tray.

General Fireproofing Steel Barrister Bookcase

Smith Corona typewriter

Index card file.

Roll stamp dispenser.
File holder.
Vintage sun lamp used as a desk lamp.

Now I'm off to enjoy a Sunday parade with family. As if Wisconsin isn't hot enough this summer, the parade will be ruined mobbed with politicians and their cronies thanks to Wisconsin's hot political climate at the moment. Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Stay cool!

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