I have a thing for green. It's not a fleeting thing. When I look around my house I see some shade of green in almost every room.  In the summer I love bright greens, in the fall and winter it's olive greens, and in spring chartreuse. I never get tired of it. I figure if it's good enough for nature it can never be wrong.  And it can go with any other color.

Today I'm loving the freshness of green paired with white and black. I ran across the following images at House Beautiful.

My favorite color by far, chartreuse green.

I can't get over this painted floor. How lovely and whimsical.

I love how the black chairs really pop in this room with
all the white and small touches of green.

Again, black with white and green. Touches of melon orange.

Lots of green here. All the white makes it work.

I'm always a sucker for big leaf prints.

The mirror is fantastic. I'd love to be soaking in that tub!
Tomorrow I'll show how I've worked greens into my own home.

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