A Place For Everything...

Going, going, gone...I hope?

Just taking a break from a busy morning. I've been on a de-cluttering binge. Unlike someone else in this house (hello hubby), I am actually getting rid of things. I started earlier in the week by going through my stash of fabrics and managed to get rid of two large bags. One went to Goodwill and the other to a group of quilters at my mother's church. That started the ball rolling. From there I started digging stuff out of the basement and ended up with a car load of things which I took to Goodwill this morning. Aaah, it felt so good to come home with an empty vehicle! I am a frequent shopper at thrift stores and it only seems fair that I donate in turn.

I don't know exactly what it is that makes it so difficult to part with possessions. I've found that the idea of "out of sight, out of mind" is really a true one. In my digging through closets I discover things I have completely forgotten I even owned. So getting rid of those things is relatively easy. Other items that have some emotional connection to me are more difficult, like my children's baby clothes and toys. I think I also tend to fall into a trap of thinking things have more value than they actually do. Even if I don't need it I hate to part with it. I have to try to step back and think what something might be worth to someone else. If I were buying that item used what would I be willing to fork over for it? Then there is the old "I'll save it for a thrift sale someday". That explains a lot of what I've kept. Yes, it would be nice to get some money back for some of the things I no longer want but my time is valuable too, and all the trouble and frustration that a garage sale entails may not be worth it. And when I compare a cleaned out house to one cluttered with things I no longer want or need it really is a no brainer. A place for everything and everything in it's place is what I'm working towards.

Items I have found that I don't want to just give away are being listed on Craigslist. I've been working on a few of those this afternoon. I've decided to let go of a few projects that have been taking up space and keeping me mentally bogged down for some time. One of those is a chair upholstery project that's been waiting in the wings for too long. I have most of the materials, which are in a big box in a closet, plus the chair itself which has been sitting in a corner on my back porch for a couple years. Yes, years! I'm really tired of looking at it and for whatever reason I just can't get myself to tackle it. So I've listed that and hopefully someone will want it. That alone will free up some nice space.

From there I started digging in my garden shed for an old rusty bird cage and stand to get rid of, another curb find that I meant to fix up and resell some day. In the process of doing that I discovered that wood ants had gotten into a bag of cedar mulch I had stored in there and made quite a mess. So cleaning commenced. One thing just keeps leading to another.

And now back to work.

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