The roofers continue to bang and pound but by tonight we should have a new roof on the main part of the house. The two porches and garage will get done on Monday. It's looking nice so far. We've made a slight change, going from a plain black roof to a variegated gray. Not a huge change but I think it will look better. Our house is a grayish blue although we may change it when we have the house painted next spring. We'll be poring over paint samples this winter trying to make that decision.

I never thought I'd get excited about a new roof, but considering the condition it was in it will be a big improvement. Also, when we had the roof done 20 years ago it was all done by one guy and he did a shoddy rush job. He was getting married that coming weekend and rushed to finish it. I went around the yard and driveway afterwards picking up handfuls of discarded nails, raking through the grass with my fingers. He also left behind sharp scraps of metal flashing and other garbage. Our three children were all little at the time and I wasn't happy at all! Remarkably he's still in business in the area.

Today I'm working on a little basement project. I know my husband will think I'm a little OCD when he sees it. I'll fill you in with the next post.

Plans for the weekend include more house projects, a trip to the farmer's market, cedar plank salmon and grilled vegetables, baking an apple pie, a few glasses of wine and attending the annual parade in my hometown. Fall is definitely here. We had our first frost already on Wednesday night. Last weekend it was close to 90. How quickly things change. What are your plans for the weekend? Work or play or a bit of both? Whatever you do I hope it's a a good one. Back on Monday with the details of mine.

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