Baking and Raking

Still here despite my lack of posts in the last month or so. Plenty of things to post about but it's always a busy time of year buttoning up summer and getting ready for winter and so on.

Today we were supposed to be having new windows installed. I've been anxiously awaiting this day! Then about an hour ago the window installers called to say that the windows needed some extra attention. They went to get the windows from the shop that did the staining and sealing and found they had done a rather sloppy job of getting stain and poly on the glass. So instead of installing the windows today they'll be working on fixing that mess. On the one hand I'm happy that they are meticulous about their work and want to be sure everything is perfect. On the other hand we're living like fish in a glass bowl. We took down all our window coverings last night and this morning, including our bedroom and bathroom. I guess I'll be tacking up some sheets. Good news is they will be here tomorrow instead. The guys doing the installing do it as a sideline job so they can only work on weekends. So Sunday it is.

Light play against walls. 
The old windows, which are 90+ years old, have that old wavy sort of glass which we are planning to salvage. (I'm not exactly sure what my husband's plans are for the glass or where he plans to safely store 38 panes but that's another story.)  It has a certain charm to it and makes pretty patterns of light on the walls when the sun shines through. I'll rather miss that. Even the frosty designs that formed on the glass on cold winter days held a certain fascination. Not so charming however is the cold and drafts that leak through in winter and the blazing heat in summer. It will be nice to have a snugger house and lower heating and cooling bills. We've waited a long time to get these and I hope we'll see a big difference.

Since I didn't have any plans for the day, other than helping to haul out old windows and do clean-up, I think I'll spend it doing some baking and raking. The baking will help warm up the cold house. It's amazing the difference not having window coverings makes. And the leaves are finally all off the trees so that task needs to be completed. So baking and raking it is for this Saturday.

Have a nice weekend.


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