Organizing In The New Year

I haven't gotten off to a very good start in the blog world for 2012 despite my good intentions. Writing is just one of those habits that has to be developed. The more I do it the easier it is to do. So, with that in mind, I'm just going to jump in and write something. I guess if I ramble on long enough I'll come up with something.

Like many others, when a new year rolls around, I like to start cleaning and organizing. It doesn't always take much to get me started. A few days ago I decided to clean out the freezer drawer. Things get tossed in with no rhyme or reason. Older things end up buried at the bottom.  I'm embarrassed to say I found a few packages in there marked 2008! I feel guilty about all the food that went to waste, but at least now everything is organized. Fruits in one spot, veggies in another and so on. I can see and find everything! No more freezer burned mystery packages! Look at that! Note to self: Dig the food vacuum sealer out from the back of the cupboard so it's easier to use.

Unimpressive perhaps without the "before" picture but you wouldn't want to have seen it.

Someone once told me that batteries keep longer if they are stored in the freezer. That apparently isn't true by the way, but old habits die hard and I at least knew where to find the batteries. Evidently a zip-loc full of batteries had broken open and were rolling around in the bottom of the freezer along with the past-its-freshness date food. Time to find a new place to keep them. I organized the batteries into a clear fishing tackle box like I saw on Pinterest. Ingenious I say! Even my husband was impressed when he saw that. Look at all those AA's.

Now I was on a roll. I opened up a dresser drawer one day to look for my watch. I'm not a watch wearer. I've never really seen the need. There are clocks everywhere these days...on my phone, the DVR, the microwave, the stove, my computer, iPad, the car, every bank in town. You can't get away from them. I can't remember why I was even looking for my watch but that is beside the point. I couldn't find it even though I knew it was in that drawer somewhere. Next thing you know I was dumping out the drawer contents onto the top of my bed. Sorting commenced. I found my watch, and then two others. One was broken and the other didn't have a strap. Four pair of cheater reading glasses. Loose change, bobby pins, hair ties, safety pins. A single glove. Six bandanas. Old birthday cards. Senior pictures of high school classmates. I won't even tell you what year they were from, only that it might have been during the Nixon administration. Oh yeah, I also found a Carter-Mondale pin. Two Eisenhower half dollars and a two dollar bill. I'm starting to sound pretty ancient I know. Apparently this is my combination archives and junk drawer. Anyway, it too is now neatly organized and downsized considerably. I don't think I'll miss anything I got rid of. Probably not even that necklace pendant from 4th grade of a hunchback.

That's enough for tonight. I just took a picture of the old thermometer outside the kitchen windows. It says -8. Less than two weeks ago I saw people running around outside in shorts...in January...in Wisconsin! It was great. I wasn't complaining about the wimpy weather. Winter is back. The Packers aren't going to the Super Bowl. Time to go hibernate. 

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