Latest Thrift Finds

It's been awhile since I showed some of my thrift purchases. The shops seem to be pretty well stocked this time of year following the holidays. People are in the mood to organize, get rid of unnecessary items or quietly donate that unwanted Christmas gift.

So here are a few things I've found for my Etsy shop. Click on any of the pictures to view them larger.

First up is this rather fun mid-century lamp. It's over three feet tall. I love the faux tile feature between those gourd-like bulbs. There are actually four "bulbs". I didn't get a picture of the whole lamp.  It's made by Royal Haeger pottery.  I rewired it with a new 3-way socket, cord and polarized plug. If you've never rewired a lamp I strongly encourage you to try it. It's really quite easy and plenty of instructions can be found online. I generally like to rewire vintage lamps just to be on the safe side.

I've actually had these salt and pepper shakers around for awhile. I finally decided to put them in my shop. Before doing so I thought I'd see if I could find any others like it. Turns out they are rather collectible. They were made by the Senal, S.A. company, a furniture factory started by an American designer named Donald S. Shoemaker. These are his elephant shakers although I always thought they looked like bears myself. I love the way they nest together. Shoemaker lived and worked in Mexico from the 40's until his death in the 90's. They used mostly tropical woods in his furniture and accessories. Another great mid-century find.

Also in my shop are a pair of Catherineholm enamel scampi dishes. The bright red-orange color reminds me of nice ripe tomatoes. I was so excited to find them. 

The industrial trend is still strong in decorating. I found a nice handmade little galvanized tool box. It would be great for any number of uses. Or how about a 1971 postage scale? Makes a nice display piece and you can weigh things up to 10 pounds. I tried it out with some packaged food and it seems pretty accurate. 

Sorry about the quality of those last two photos. It's tough getting decent pictures this time of year with the lack of light. 

This great gazelle and fawn is something I'm keeping for myself.  It's too sweet to part with. Love the lines and it looks great on my white shelves.

These cups caught my eye immediately. They're nice heavy restaurant ware made by Buffalo China. The white with green stripes, the nice heft and clean lines really appeal to me. Would look great displayed on a kitchen shelf. Also in my shop. 

One last item is a vintage Samsonite travel tote. It's from their Concord line. The blue is muted, not too garish. There are two handy pockets on the outside, one zippered. It's in great condition and until it sells I plan to use it. Well, I will if we manage any weekend getaways anytime soon. 

I have lots more which you can see at my Red Telly shop. The link is always at the top of my blog. Have fun browsing. And a good weekend to all. 

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