Monday Ramblings

Some rambling thoughts this morning. This Monday started out like a more typical Monday than the last one. It's cloudy with snow on the way. I followed my usual routine of starting a pot of coffee and then sitting down to check my email and favorite blog updates. Umm, black screen on my laptop? I've had some issues with the screen lighting lately so it's not a huge surprise. I was able to shut it down and restart it. This time the screen lit up. Weird. I suspect eventually it'll need some repair, at which time I'll have to decide (depending on how costly it'll be) how much I want to spend on a four year-old laptop. I guess I should do some of those backups I've been meaning to do too while I can.

With February being solidly in the middle of winter, still a long time until spring, I decided to make Fridays this month officially "Flower Friday". It really helps to have a pretty arrangement of live flowers sitting around to give a little boost to one's day. If I'm lucky a $5 grocery store purchase lasts for seven days. Money well spent in my opinion. Cheaper than a therapist, or drugs, or alcohol or whatever some people do to lift their spirits.

Those two pitchers are recent thrift finds. ♥♥♥ The green tray also thrifted a couple years ago. Doesn't it look springy? I just wish the light was better so I could get some decent indoor pictures. 

I finished painting the window trim in the bathroom. I never showed a picture of the completed project did I? I also hung up the new cellular shade. It's all very white. But I like it! It's the only room with painted woodwork in our house, not counting the porches. It's a south facing window so we get a lot of light in there. I opted for a cordless top down - bottom up shade. Now I can have the top partially down to let the sun in while still having privacy from the neighbor's. In nicer weather I can have the top portion of the double hung window open for ventilation. Not having dangling cords gives it a cleaner more minimalist look which appeals to my aesthetics. 

Mr. N brought home a cold last week. I've been doing everything in my power to avoid catching it. So far so good, knock on wood. I've exhibited a bit of OCD I suppose. I stopped using the shared electric toothbrush handle, using my backup regular old toothbrush instead. I make him use his own hand towel and designated cloth dinner napkin. Washing my hands obsessively, of course, every time I touch something I know he's touched. Trying to keep my hands away from my face. That one's hard for some reason. Covering my hands with my sleeves to open the doors. Using my wrists to operate the levered tap handles on the sinks. Opening cupboard doors, drawers, the refrigerator and the like by grabbing the top edges instead of using the handles. Airing out the bedroom every morning with some fresh air. And this one is funny. At night I prop my big square reading pillow between us so he won't be breathing directly in my face when he's turned in my direction. Like I said, OCD. But so far it's worked. Nary a sniffle on my part...yet. The only kiss he'll be getting for Valentine's this year is a chocolate one I'm afraid.

Monday is laundry day here usually. It always reminds me of a set of embroidered dishtowels my grandmother had. There was one for each day of the week. Monday was wash day, Tuesday ironing, Wednesday mopping and so on. I kind of do fall into those routines. Mine, ideally at least, assures that the necessary chores get accomplished each week. I've been using a variation of this ever since I first became a stay-at-home mom. It breaks down something like this:
  • Monday: Launder clothes. Clean the kitchen (tidy cupboards, clean refrigerator, tops of surfaces, etc.) Plan menu for week.
  • Tuesday: Iron. Wash kitchen floor. Grocery shop.
  • Wednesday: Free day to work on projects or have an outing.
  • Thursday: Vacuum and dust bedrooms. Clean bathroom. Launder linens.
  • Friday: Vacuum and dust downstairs rooms. Bake.
There you have it. Like I said it's my ideal schedule. I always aim to get as much done in the morning so I have afternoons free. It used to work better in pre-internet days. :-/ In reality it's pretty hit and miss. I'm a big list maker. I like to start the day with my list of things I absolutely have to get done followed by the things I'd like to get done. Most days I never get to the second part and am lucky to get the "have to's" accomplished. Today for instance it's now 11:00 a.m. and I haven't started any of my work yet other than this blog entry. Oops. Guess I'd better crack the whip!

Back tomorrow with an update on my cushions.

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