New at the Casa

Awhile ago I mentioned that I had made a trip to the "big blue box", Ikea of course, and brought home a couple new things for the casa. Time for a reveal.

It's the Storsele chair in black. Actually a pair of them. I know. It's crazy! See that rattan sectional back there? Plus the two wicker chairs you can't see? I needed them like I need another...well, porch chair. But I'm in love with these chairs. The curvy lines provide a feminine touch while the black color is all masculine. Mr. N seems to like them just as much as I do. Plus the black picks up on the black painted trim of the windows. Anyway, I didn't see any of the Storsele chairs displayed in the store as we were walking through, so I was sure they didn't have any at our Ikea in the Twin Cities. Just before getting to the checkout I spotted one of those search screen things and when I looked it up it turned out they had five in stock! They were in the very last space in the very last row in the warehouse area. Figuring they might be a bit harder to find in stock the closer it gets to spring we, meaning me of course, decided they would just have to come home with us. They're very comfy too in case you're wondering. Now I just have to figure out what to do with all these chairs! Front porch, back porch, cottage? 

I also have a couple new pillows. I've been wanting a pillow made of the Orla Kiely gray scribble stem fabric for a long time. Unfortunately the fabric isn't very easy to come by here in the States, so I ended up buying one on eBay from Francis House Soft Furnishings in the UK. Mandy does beautiful work and has a nice selection of pillows available. Be sure to check out her store. Shipping is reasonable since it's just the pillow cover, not the insert. 

I made the gray cable knit pillow from an old sweater.

Some sunny yellow carnations, in an old hand-thrown ceramic pot my husband made back in college, is adding some needed color to all the gray and white.

Now I have to go find something BIG to hang on the clothesline with my new clothespin.

It reminds me of this one I had referenced in an earlier post. Just a wee bit smaller.

Maybe an idea for a future terrarium?

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