Hello and welcome to a new week. Hope you had a great weekend. I spent mine very industriously working on the chair cushions, packing up a couple of Etsy sales, and listing a few new items into my shop. Hop over and have a look.

New items at Red Telly Etsy shop.
I forgot to buy my February Friday flowers last week. Somehow I just completely lost a day. All day Friday I was operating under the assumption it was only Thursday. At dinner that evening Mr. N made a comment about having survived another week of work. (Can you tell he's already dreaming of retirement?) I replied that he was being a bit hasty considering he still had one work day left to go. He laughed good-naturedly at my "joke" until he realized I was serious. Time flies when you're having fun, eh? Apparently I must be having fun! So it's Monday flowers instead.

I was a bit optimistic when I said I hoped to be reporting six finished cushions by today...ergh! But I am  happy to say the hardest part is behind me and should be an easy finish from here. Saturday afternoon...the whole afternoon...was spent cutting out fabric for two cushions. I know that doesn't sound like it should take a whole afternoon but it did. First I had to iron my giant drop cloth piece because it was very wrinkly. Then I needed to straighten all the edges since they weren't cut properly on the grain. Fiddly work. The fabric ravels very easily (too much so actually) so it was rather easy to do, but time consuming nonetheless. Then came figuring the size of the pieces I needed to cut and how much seam allowance I should allow. Lots of scribbling and jotting and math. Then determining layout to make the best use of my fabric, so I'd be sure to have enough for everything. Measuring and drawing cutting lines. And then finally cutting my pieces. By that time my brain was feeling addled and I figured it would be best to wait with sewing until the morning. I didn't want to screw anything up after all that work.

So, I got to work right away on Sunday, setting up my sweatshop in the dining room. It looks a frightful mess and I hope no one stops by unexpectedly. I have more room to spread out there on the big table and great light from the east and south windows. I also needed space to set up my sewing machine, serger and ironing board. Again, it took me a half day to sew the first cover, figuring things out as I went and being slowly patient so as to get it all right. I referred to this video for help. (There's a link within the video to take you to the full detailed version.) Once I got the hang of doing square corners things became much easier. After a break to get the kinks out of my neck, from bending over the machine for all those hours, I started in on the second cushion and it only took me two hours to complete! The second one turned out nicer than the first, as might be expected. The rest should be relatively easy now that I have my calculations figured out and techniques down. As I had mentioned previously I think I'll do those in an assembly line fashion rather than each cushion start to finish at a time. My camera batteries died so pictures will have to wait. Gratuitous flowers from last spring's garden will fill in for your viewing pleasure. :)

As for the color I think it turned out exactly as I hoped it would once all is said and done. The only thing I would have changed  is to use shorter zippers. I used a 36" zip because I thought I would need that length to be able to get the covers on but I think I could have gotten by with 30" zippers. It would have given the cover a nicer finished look. I still could do that with the remaining cushions, which are the outer two sectionals, since the sides of the middle section I've already done will be hidden by the other two. The zippers I have are metal so I can't cut them shorter like I could have if they'd been vinyl continuous coil zippers.* Another lesson learned for next time.

FREAK OUT!! A woodpecker just tapped on the glass next to the window where I'm sitting. Nearly scared me out of my skin! Phew. Calming down now...  Ever had a woodpecker knock on your window? It's loud!

*I found out I can shorten my metal zippers after all. It's easy. I'll try to put together a tutorial for a future post.

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