Sneak Peek Monday

The sun is shining today! The last week has been so drab and sunless. I needed a bit of therapy to get my mind spinning towards spring. You know, the retail kind. With nothing too important on the agenda-- seeing as how the Green Bay Packers didn't make it to the Super Bowl this year, ahem-- I managed to talk Mr. N into a meatball dinner and after meal stroll through the Big Blue Box. You know the one.

Let me first say I love my Subaru Forester! We've managed to pack more things into that versatile little vehicle than you can imagine. It came in very handy yesterday when I discovered the blue box had a couple "somethings" in stock that I've drooled over since I first spied them in the catalog. I never thought Mr. N would like them or be agreeable to me purchasing them, but here they are in this very house this sunny morning! I have some work to do before revealing them in all their glory but for now here is a sneak peek.

More on that subject in a few days. Now I am off to soak up some sun walking to town to do some errands--another Etsy sale to be mailed off and a stop at my local food co-op. The walk along the lake should be nice this beautiful Monday morning. Maybe with the exercise I'll even be able to justify a stop at my favorite chocolatier for a mug of cocoa or a coffee and a truffle.

But before I go I just want to wish a great big Happy Birthday to my favorite three-year old, Grace! I had so much fun making a gift for my niece which I can finally show here. It isn't perfect by any imagination which is what "handmade" is all about, right?  Meet Miss Bunny, yet to be officially named by the birthday girl:


Isn't she a cute bunny with her swim costume and yellow duck float? Love the little pouffy tail! The pattern is from Debi Birkin Designs and available online here, along with a ton of her other cute knitting patterns.

Have a great Monday!

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