I've completed three of the cushions for my rattan sectional as of today. Again, it's all going slower than I had hoped. I scrapped the idea of assembly line production and am doing them each individually. It's nothing too interesting to blog about. Just lots of hours with my sewing machine while listening to NPR and podcasts. I'm already thinking about what project I want to tackle next, among the myriad of choices waiting in the wings. I suppose I should make a list and prioritize them. With a son's wedding coming up in June I know there are things that really need to get done so I should concentrate on those. June will be here quicker than I like to think. And once the weather turns nice I'll be wanting to spend time outdoors working in the yard and garden.

But, I digress. Back to cushions. A few detail photos to keep you updated:

A couple of the cushions are a bit loose in the corners. Although I'm proud of how nicely I was able to turn a square corner I realized afterwards that with all the Dacron batting the cushions are actually a bit more rounded. I'll probably be stuffing some fiber-fill into the corners to fill them out so they look nicer.

As you can see, from this zoomed in shot, the drop cloth fabric has little flecks of lots of different colors. I suspect they use recycled scrap fabric to make these.

I sewed the zipper ends into overlapping pockets to hide them.

Nice square corner!

A finished cushion. I considered doing piping cord on the edges but it would have been a ton more work. It definitely would have had a nicer finished look. Now that I have more confidence sewing these perhaps I'll tackle some colored cushions in the future, using outdoor fabric and piped edges. Or not. The nice thing about a neutral color is that I can jazz it up with fun throw pillows, changing them out whenever I'm in the mood for something different.

Inside seams serged for a nice clean finish that won't ravel when washed.

So there you have it. I'll continue to plug away until I'm finished. Can't wait!

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