Thrift Tuesday

It seems my good Monday has held over to Tuesday this week. I was out doing a couple errands this a.m. and just happened to be near the Goodwill Store. I hadn't planned to stop but at the last moment my car just took control and turned into the parking lot. Funny how that happens sometimes. Since I was there I figured I might as well go inside. I guess the goddess of thrift knew I needed to stop there. I'm glad I listened. Because, I found this set of deer antlers.

I was just about to head to the checkout, but had to stop for a moment to let someone with a cart pass by, when I saw it tucked in amongst all the wood tchotchkes on the shelf next to me. Serendipitous I tell you! I grabbed it and headed straight for the cash register, along with the vintage globe I also found. Good thrifting day!

I've been wanting some antlers for a long time. I see them everywhere when I'm browsing decorating and design sites. I hope it's not a fad that will pass too soon. At any rate I live in Wisconsin, in the heart of deer hunting country, so chances are it will never go out of style here. I could have a wall full of antlers and my home decorated in blaze orange and some people here wouldn't bat an eye.

Of course the red velvet and fake wood mount will be going. Not my style. Then it's a matter of deciding what I want to do. The options are almost endless.

I could leave them as they are, perhaps mounted on a piece of weathered wood for hanging, minus the velvet. I could use them as a rack for hanging jewelry or scarves and that sort of thing.

Another choice would be to separate the antlers and use them as part of a tabletop arrangement or display of some kind.
Pottery Barn

At the moment I'm leaning towards painting them. I really like the look of all white against a black wall. I don't have a black wall, except in my kitchen, and I'm pretty sure I don't want them there. So I'd have to figure out where I might want to do that.  My porches have white clapboard walls like this first picture so that is an option.
Posh Bird in London

The Cross Design

Then there are some rather arty things I could do.

I'm sure I'll be killing a lot more time on Pinterest and Etsy in the next few days before making a decision. If nothing else I have been looking for a new toilet paper holder for the bathrooom...

Oh, and I guess I didn't mention that I paid less than $4 for these! What would you do if a set of antlers came your way? (Hopefully not while driving down the road.) I'm curious. Leave them natural? Paint them? Any other creative ideas out there? 

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  1. Hi! Love your antlers, brilliant find. I have been on the lookout for something similar for some time now but I haven't been as lucky. I like the white ones on the dark wall but they will look great anyway :)