Going Green With Orange

Today is starting out gray, threatening rain. I'm somehow in the mood for one of those long rainy days that we haven't really had yet this spring. I don't think it will be today. We've had just enough timely showers to get things growing and looking nicely green. I mowed the lawn for the second time yesterday, using the Fiskars reel mower we bought last year. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy this well designed machine. 
Fiskar's StaySharp Max 
I love mowing with it! I was out in the yard at 8:00 in the morning, able to cut the grass in the cool part of the day while not bothering the neighbors. The sound the mower makes as the reel turns is so pleasant, allowing me to hear the birds chirping and call a "good morning" to my neighbor across the yard. There is no lingering smell of gaseous fumes on me when I'm finished, only the sweat of my own labor. The only fuel required is the caffeine in my morning coffee to get me going and it starts first time every time. ; ) It does take a bit longer to mow the yard since the Fiskar's has only an 18" cutting swath but I consider that a plus in allowing me more exercise. It also works best if you mow more often since it doesn't do as nice a job if the grass gets too long. When it's gotten away from us we either use our back-up gas mower or do two mowings in opposite directions. We have a pretty typical sized city lot that is flat so this mower is really ideal for it. Last year we used the Fiskar's about 90% of the growing season. It won't mow down dandelions for instance, which we have in abundance because we don't like to use chemicals on the lawn. But that's only for awhile in early summer. And we use the gas mower again in the fall to chop and bag leaves. That's about it.

You can watch the video for more info. And just for the record I have not been paid to endorse this product in any way. 

Unlike the old reel mowers the Fiskar's is relatively light weight and has a chain assist mechanism to make the reel move easier, much like a bicycle chain. I remember the old reel mower my grandparents passed on to us when my husband and I were poor newlyweds with our first yard to tend. It was all I could do to push that beast! Our yard had a slight, a very slight, slope to it and it took every ounce of strength in me to push it uphill. Lucky for me I was pregnant before the end of that first summer and used it as a happy excuse to get out of mowing. 

So if you're considering going green with a manual push mower I'd highly endorse the Fiskars. We have the StaySharp Max model (formerly Momentum). Hardly any maintenance is required. No expensive gas required. And if you hate mowing I will say that we've gotten lots of attention when using it. It's bright orange color attracts the eyes of passers-by. Whenever a curious person stops I encourage then to take a few laps with it, making my job that much easier! (Insert devious laugh.) 

Finally, a happy 30th birthday to my son, Dan. Am I really the mother of a 30-year old? How did that happen?  

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