Porch Ponderings

Good morning from the back porch here at Red Telly. I'm sitting here with my wake-up coffee, in my comfy Ikea chair, enjoying a very pleasant start to the day. The birds are singing and a light cool breeze is gently ruffling the leaves of the clematis on the trellis just outside the window. The sun was shining but some light clouds have moved in, which is good because it's keeping it cool. We're in for some hot, humid, stormy weather all the way through the holiday weekend. I loathe heat and humidity. The idea of spending a long holiday weekend cooped up indoors is not my idea of a holiday, especially when there is so much to be done outside right now. At any rate I could sit here for hours, if that were possible, soaking up the loveliness of it all. However I need to venture out to do shopping today. It'll be one of those all day "need to find something to wear for a specific occasion" shopping ventures. I hate it when I absolutely have to find something because it usually ends up that I have to settle for something that I end up hating and never wearing again.


I need to do a bit of tidying on this porch. As always, entropy rules once again. No matter how hard I try to keep this space orderly it eventually becomes a convenient dumping ground for daily life. There are an assortment of shoes (all mine I'm afraid) kicked off when I come in from the garden. Gardening gloves and flower pots for some transplants I've been intending to do. The necessary mosquito repellent and sunscreen for when I head out to the garden. I have a retractable line where I hang wet dishcloths, dishtowels and bath towels to dry for a few hours or in the present case for days. There is the box with the paint sprayer I've been meaning to try out soon. A small pile of throw blankets I keep in the car during the winter months which haven't been put away yet. Grilling utensils and mitts I keep meaning to take out to the garage where they belong. The compost bucket to be carried out and emptied next time I head out the door. A hat and pair of sunglasses. A small folding table I haven't figured out where to keep that we sometimes use for dining on the front porch. A cardboard box. If you offered me a million dollars I couldn't tell you what it contains. And finally a wicker laundry basket of sheets and pillowcases that I brought in from the clothesline yesterday and haven't folded yet.

My favorite iris.
The yard and garden are looking especially fine. I love this time of year. Everything is so green and not overgrown. The peonies and red poppies are just about to bloom, the iris and salvia are in their full regalia. The vegetable garden is all planted and weed free! I'm afraid that if the weather predictions hold out it will all be a mess soon. Heavy rains and wind forecast. It seems to happen every year just as the peonies start to bloom and their heavy blossoms end up bent and sagging. I need to properly tie up my climbing rose again. Last fall it had gotten so big and unruly that I decided to cut it all the way down. I also thought we were going to be painting the garage that it grows next to but that didn't happen. It doesn't seem to have hurt it any as it's now about four feet tall and full of buds. Nice to know it'll survive a heavy pruning like that because we really do need to paint the garage later this summer.

Last summer's climbing rose.
I suppose I had best get on with my day. The sooner I go the sooner I can be back home. The only part of the day I will enjoy is the stop at one of my favorite thrift stores that has half price Wednesdays! I'll let you know if I find anything good.


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