Leaving Me Breathless

With the recent hot weather I've been spending way more time than I should usual on my sofa with the laptop, a cold drink and the AC. There's no easier way to suck up time than getting lost in Pinterest or tumblr. I have so many ideas for projects crammed in my bookmark folders  it's ludicrous that I even dare look at some of those sites. All talk and no action is my m.o. apparently.

On one of the recent hot day browsing sessions I found a tumblr page that left me breathless. If you are a visual person that likes beautiful eye candy then this site will have your heart palpitating like it did mine. It's called Que Bueno Es Vivir!! OMG!! The pictures are categorized by color and as you scroll the color theme gradually changes. It's like looking at a glorious beautiful rainbow of images. If I could tell you how wonderful this is to me I would have to cover the page entirely in exclamation points!! That's how delicious it is. Stunning! Stupendous! Incredible! Wow to the extreme! Can you tell I like it?

Do check it out. But be warned...you will be sucked in. Do you like cute little animals? Beautiful scenery? Stylish clothing? Decor and architecture that makes you salivate? Food that makes you salivate more? Yep, it's all there. In glorious living color. Pant, pant. Enjoy...

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