Party Crasher

Welcome back January. I didn't think you were going to show up this year. I'd started to grow accustomed to your absence. I should have known you'd crash the genteel party in a big way with your sudden arrival. Rushing in with your steely cold winds, clear bright skies, slap to the face greeting, and blindingly bright snow. Stealing the limelight. I acknowledge you. Now can you please leave? 


I grabbed my camera this morning to take a few pictures of the lacy frost patterns on our windows. With luring temperatures in the forties one day, followed by a plunge to sub-zero less than twenty-four hours later, this is the result. I love the intricate variety of patterns. The feathers, spikes and ladders.

And the wind! Oh my! Yesterday the wind started roaring, with enormous gusts that made the house shake and creak, tree branches fall and garbage cans roll. Twenty-five below wind chills! We ventured out into the cold last night to a surprise party for our god-daughter. Fifteen minutes after leaving home, just as we were arriving at our destination, we could finally start to feel a little heat emanating from the car's heater. Brrrrr. I'm not much of a party person, but the warm crowded venue, the music, camaraderie, food and drink was all very welcoming for once. We stayed much longer than intended, reluctant to go back out into that bitter cold.

Today the sun is shining brightly, looking so lovely and tempting. But tonight the thermometer will take another big fall if the weather predictors are right, dropping fifteen degrees lower than last night! You can be sure this gal isn't going anywhere! In fact I think it's a good day to stay in and do some baking to help warm the kitchen up a bit. I've been doing a bit of kitchen cupboard cleaning and taking stock of my pantry so it might almost be a pleasure working in the kitchen for a change. 

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