Another Craigslist "Best of the Worst"

Opening caveat: Please don't send any mafia thugs after me; this is not meant to offend anyone. It's all non-serious light-hearted fun. Besides, no one reads this blog anyway so I'm probably pretty safe.

Okay, with that out of the way, today's Craigslist "Best of the Worst" comes to you from da Jersey Shore. I will confess that I'm not very familiar with Jersey, having been there just once in my life, long before Snooki became a household name, or was even born for that matter. We were driven around on a night time tour of the shore by my husband's tipsy Uncle Mel and Aunt Irene (Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Namely me. There may have been some nefarious connections regarding a cousin's bookie husband.), who made occasional stops to pop in for quick "bathroom breaks" at several taverns along the way. That was on our honeymoon trip and we're just glad to have survived. Anyway, I digress. Surprisingly to me, the Jersey Shore craigslist has some nice stuff! Way better than anything around here. I had to dig deep but I found a few winners.

* First up is this beautiful wooden dining table in "excellent condition". You'll have to trust them on that since it's hidden under a lovely plastic Valentine tablecloth and there were no other pictures showing the top. Nice kitty though!

 * Next for your viewing pleasure is a lovely sofa. Actually it's not bad at all. I kinda like it. Nice charcoal gray. But I kind of have a hankering for a hamburger, with lots of mustard and ketchup. Maybe they were on the fence about it too. That color wheel over there on the side table at least gives me hope that they were trying to come up with a different color scheme. 

 I love my Green Bay Packers! I'm a true Cheesehead. And I'm thinking it might be kind of fun to have a comforter on my bed during football season like the one shown on this listing. All it needs are some yard lines and goal posts, which should be a pretty easy DIY, don't you think? Maybe Aaron Rodgers lying across it...no no no. I won't go there. Anyway, I hear he's already taken. And I am too, so star-crossed we shall remain.

*That might be a pretty good segue into this next listing. No picture was included with it, but I love the listing title. Enough said.

ONE NIGHT STAND - $15 (9 Bennington Road)

Two drawers
Good condition
Not using it
Cash and carry only
  • Location: 9 Bennington Road
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
* Moving on. "Sunrise, sunset." Ah, I can see the fiddler up there on the roof, serenading as I eat my breakfast at this white dining set or bask in the glow of the setting sun as I lounge on my white sofa. I guess some people in Jersey haven't heard of white balancing.
*Here's a nice bombe chest. At least they didn't spell it "bomb". That would have been priceless. It's the description that is priceless: 
Awww, of course it's distressed. Poor thing. Not being able to open its drawers all the time. 

*There are only 302 shopping days until Christmas and if you'd like to get yours done early I have just the deal for you. You know how you want to be fair to all your giftees so that everyone feels like they've been equally gifted? Why not give everyone the exact same thing? Say, a nice lamp for instance. Everyone can use a new lamp. Big family you say? No problemo. It'll be the Christmas everyone talks about for years and years.

*And last, but certainly not least, I bring you the Fighting Elephant table!! Okay, this one miiiight scare the little kiddos a bit. And whoever has to do the dusting in the household. I suppose it's possible they may not be getting ready to rumble. Maybe they're just frolicking. In any case you don't usually see elephants rearing up on their hind legs like they're getting ready to do some kung fu. Maybe they're fighting over who gets the coconuts. 

So there you have it. Hope you've enjoyed this latest installment of the "best of the worst". I'm sure I'll be back with more again soon. And remember, all in fun. All in fun!! 

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