Cabin Fever

The weather here in Wisconsin over the last couple of weeks has been a real PIP (pain in the posterior). Literally, in some cases, as the sidewalks, parking lots and lesser traveled streets and roads are encased in ice. Just navigating the path to my car from the house is a lesson in patience. Someday I'll live in a house with an attached garage and a garage door opener! Until then I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an early spring and wearing YakTrax on my feet. Yes! Cabin fever in spades! Now is when I should be jetting off to warmer climates. My son and DIL just moved to Texas. Unfortunately they're still living in a hotel until they close on their house otherwise, I'd be on my way for a visit!

In that vein I'm proclaiming this Cabin Fever Week! And here is just a sampling of a few cabins that have caught my eye around the web recently.

via Apartment Therapy

via Flickr

via ThomasMayerArchive

I have a thing lately for corrugated metal. I like how they used it on the interior in this case. 

Corrugated Cabin
Eye candy is good for cabin fever. So is chocolate. I'm now heading to the kitchen to make some Chocolate Sea Salt Muffins.

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