New Camera Bag

Ever since buying my new camera I've been on the look-out for something other than the big black backpack (say that three times fast) camera bag that came with it as an extra. I had a list of criteria that I was looking for.
  • Small enough to use as a grab and go bag when I want to tote the camera, maybe a second lens and my wallet and phone.
  • Able to protect the camera from bumps and getting crushed.
  • An adjustable shoulder strap. 
  • Roomy access to easily get the camera in and out.
  • Something that didn't look obvious, i.e. not a logo emblazoned camera bag.
  • Bonus points for something stylish and fairly neutral in color.
  • Fit within my cheapskate budget.
About a month ago I stopped in at Charming Charlie to check out their purses, knowing they have a ton of them and are usually pretty reasonably priced. After spending about 45 minutes looking at every bag in the store I finally spotted the one. 

This great bone colored bag is simple and stylish. It has sturdy rigid sides that are perfect to help avoid any crushing if for some reason the bag were to get caught in a door or someone bump into me.

It's triangular shape is plenty roomy for the camera while still not being too bulky for carrying with a shoulder strap. And as you can see it zips all the way around the bag so it's easy to get access to the stuff inside.  A side gusset prevents small items from accidentally falling out.

It definitely doesn't look like a camera bag and the color will go with anything I wear. Little brass feet on the bottom of the bag keep the bottom from getting dirty if I set it on the floor or tuck it behind the back seat of the car. See that little peek of stripe in the picture up above? That's the nice little surprise inside that tickles me pink...or should I say knocks me navy.

Isn't it pretty? There are pockets on one side for a phone and a few accessories like my camera remote, lens cleaning pen, etc. The other side has a zippered pocket. I took some of the foam dividers out of my other camera bag and put them in the bottom of the purse. It's a perfect fit and the camera fits snugly inside without being jostled around.

As for the cheapskate budget, the store was having a "buy one get one free" sale on clearance items. This bag wasn't marked down but I did have some Christmas gift money, so I decided to splurge (for me) and pay full price. I was giddily surprised when the sales clerk told me the bag was actually on sale and for some reason hadn't been marked! Not only did I get this bag, but I was able to get a second purse I had my eye on too! That brought the price to under $35 for each. Mission accomplished!

What's your bag of choice when you want to keep it simple? Do you prefer a traditional camera bag or something different?

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