It's Friday before Memorial Day, the official jump-off to summer. For us it's going to be a laid back unstructured few days, open to anything that presents itself. I imagine there will be some gardening and puttering around the house. We have plenty of projects to keep us busy if we want but nothing that has to get done and nowhere that we have to be.

But one thing I would like to do, now that nice weather has finally arrived, is to get out with my camera more often. Winter and snowy landscapes are both challenging and limiting when it comes to photography. Summer is easy by comparison. For one thing I'm just out of the house more enjoying nature, events and people.

If I had unlimited funds and didn't already have a camera bag, or two, I'm sure my photography skills would increase exponentially just by owning one of these fun colorful  Rebecca Minkoff camera bags.

The Collin Bag

Collin Laser Cut Bag

Craig Bag
Aren't they fun? Which one would you choose? I think I'd take the laser cut Collins. 

It's a beautiful day and too nice to spend at the computer. Laundry, cleaning, food prep, yard work and projects all await. Then...Summer! Have a great holiday weekend. 



Perhaps it was this year's longer than usual winter or the string of gray, rainy days we've been having. Maybe I have a vitamin C deficiency. I don't know. But whatever the reason, I seem to be having a big  craving for the color orange lately. Bright, tropical orange. The brighter the better.

On a recent stroll through web land I happened upon this picture.

It was gigantic heart lurching love at first sight. First-boyfriend-major-crush kind of puppy love. They remind me a lot of my Ikea Storsele chairs and now I want to paint mine orange. Seriously.

And if those were my first crush puppy love then these, by comparison, are full on hot and heavy pure lust! Look at that physique! I just want to get my hands on those cushions.  

In my perfect fantasy world I would not be monogamous. I could definitely find room in my life for both sets of chairs. In case you are thinking of a chair affair too you can find those and more hot hunky furniture at Grandin Road

To spice things up even more I am also loving neon orange. I've been working on a little rehab project that may or may not involve a bit of neon. It's not a project for me so I can't say for sure, but I'm lobbying strongly for it. It also involves some of the dip paint trend. I'll post about that project another day.

In the meantime I am enjoying a dash of orange in my real life right now. A recent thrift store find resulted in my bringing home this little guy.

The mid-century foot stool is kind of unusual and probably a DIY of some kind. The top swivels like a barstool. Or maybe this whole thing was originally the top of a barstool now missing the base? The vinyl is a bit faded although not as bad as the picture looks. Cloudy day and indoor photography challenges. It's the perfect height and looks great with the rattan porch furniture I rehabbed last year.  

There are more pops of orange in the pillows I bought last year at Ikea. I don't see them on their website anymore so I don't know if they're still available. (Still not loving the outdated green indoor/outdoor carpet though.)

And yet even more orange. I have this blood orange knitted pouf from CB2 in my living room.

I found this bright orangey tea tin in a thrift store and couldn't resist. And yes, I see it as orange, not red. 

Here's my brother's classic Pontiac Bonneville. How's that for orange? Love that car. 

A favorite photo of mine is this one taken the day my daughter graduated from the University of Wisconsin. It's a view of the lakeside terrace at Memorial Union with its iconic chairs in all those lovely colors including orange. Brrrrr. I remember what a cold windy day it was when I see those chops on the lake. The terrace is usually crowded with people on a May afternoon. 

In case you're looking for a little dose of orange yourself I have a few items for sale in my Etsy shop right now, too. 

Now that I've spent all this time lusting over orange I didn't realize the time. Guess I'll have to lobby my husband for that last idea for dinner. What color are you crushing on lately?