It's Friday before Memorial Day, the official jump-off to summer. For us it's going to be a laid back unstructured few days, open to anything that presents itself. I imagine there will be some gardening and puttering around the house. We have plenty of projects to keep us busy if we want but nothing that has to get done and nowhere that we have to be.

But one thing I would like to do, now that nice weather has finally arrived, is to get out with my camera more often. Winter and snowy landscapes are both challenging and limiting when it comes to photography. Summer is easy by comparison. For one thing I'm just out of the house more enjoying nature, events and people.

If I had unlimited funds and didn't already have a camera bag, or two, I'm sure my photography skills would increase exponentially just by owning one of these fun colorful  Rebecca Minkoff camera bags.

The Collin Bag

Collin Laser Cut Bag

Craig Bag
Aren't they fun? Which one would you choose? I think I'd take the laser cut Collins. 

It's a beautiful day and too nice to spend at the computer. Laundry, cleaning, food prep, yard work and projects all await. Then...Summer! Have a great holiday weekend. 

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