I am a Cheesehead. For those of you who do not live in the US or follow American sports, a Cheesehead is:
  1. A nickname referring to a person who lives in the US State of Wisconsin and/or
  2. A fan of the Green Bay Packers, an American football team based in the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin. 
Although this was once considered a derogatory term it is now fully embraced as a point of pride by most Wisconsin-ites. Chances are likely, unless you live in deepest darkest Amazon and don't have internet access (in which case you wouldn't be reading this), that you have seen the ubiquitous Cheese Hat at least once in your life. 

Cheesehead wearing a Cheese Hat

So what does this post have to do with football? Well, nothing at all really. Although we're Packer fans in this house you wouldn't know it if you stepped in the door, unlike many Wisconsin homes I've been in. There's no Packer shrine full of Super Bowl memorabila, no Packer blankets, no Packer posters, no cheesy hats, and not even a Packer jersey or sweatshirt.

However we do love cheese. I'm particularly partial to sharp cheddar myself. And a few miles down a back road from where my husband grew up can be found Holland's Family Cheese, who were named Grand Champion at the 2013 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest for their aged Gouda cheese. I have personally on frequent occasions sampled their flavorful goudas. My favorites are their Burning Mélange and Basil Pesto. Check out their online store if you'd like to try some for yourself. 

You'll be happy to know I am at last getting to the gist of this post. I was walking through my local Goodwill store one day when I stumbled upon, almost literally, an old cheese box. These were, and still are, used for aging certain types of cheese. Well, my Cheesehead brain just couldn't let me walk away from such a find. Also, my husband and his four brothers all worked in a cheese factory through their teen years, so I thought it might be a nice little homage to his past. 

I decided to turn the cheese box into a side table. I have it sitting on the back porch. 

I added some caster wheels so that it moves around easily and it makes for some nice extra storage. I love the writing and stamps on it and the rusty staples. It definitely is a nod to the popular industrial trend in decorating. For those wondering, no it doesn't smell like cheese. It did smell a bit like musty old wood but I wiped it down with white vinegar and now it smells like pickles. Just kidding. The vinegar smell quickly goes away and it's a great way to rid old furniture and the like of odors. 

"Wisconsin Junior Cheese"

This is where I'm sitting as I write this post. The cheese box is the perfect size and height for the Ikea Storsele chair and has just enough room for my vintage fan and a place to set down a cool drink. It's the perfect spot for a hot and humid midwestern summer afternoon. The pillow is also from Ikea. 

And in case regular readers (if there are any) recall that I have two Storsele chairs, the other one is doing duty in my living room for the time being. 

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