Yesterday was a good day for some thrift store snooping. It was a rainy afternoon and I was supposed to be out looking for some new additions to my summer wardrobe, which I sorely need. But I'd rather be shopping for the house or my Etsy shop than clothes any day of the week. Initially I stopped at Goodwill to check the clothes racks. Sometimes I'll find a piece or two there to build on which helps with the total cost of an outfit. Suffice it to say I didn't find anything to wear yesterday but it was a good day to find other things.

I started by looking for a picture frame to use for a chalkboard. I immediately found exactly what I was looking for, just a simple gold frame in just the right size. I'll cut a piece of hardboard to fit and give it a couple coats of chalkboard paint. I did one like it for my daughter and it's worked out very well. (It's a dark rainy day so I apologize for the quality of some of these pictures.)

On to the metal wares section. I found a nice heavy mid-century brass plant stand. It's a tripod design with ball feet and nice patina. Perfect for the new plant I had bought just the day before, at the grocery store of all places. I think it's some type of philodendron. I haven't decided yet if I'm keeping the stand or if it's going in the shop.

 A couple Ikea Skurar planters popped up next. I wasn't sure what they were since they were missing the hanging chains,  but I immediately knew I wanted to make them into pendant lights. There are several hacks to be found on the internet so I'm not the first to have the idea. All I'll need to do is upend them, drill a hole through the bottom and attach a cord and socket. It'll be a very easy project too.


Moving down the aisles I spotted a Replogle globe in perfect condition. It's not a really old one. It shows Russia instead of the USSR, which is an easy way to gauge whether a globe or map is vintage. The USSR collapsed in 1991. It's still a very nice globe though and has wood and metal parts instead of cheap plastic.

Then there was this cute over-the-door hanging rack, a nod to the Charles and Ray Eames Hang It All. It would be cute for a child's room as is. I took off the door hanger brackets. Those things are murder on woodwork. I'd rather just attach it directly to a wall. If I keep it for myself I'll strip the paint off the wood balls and have them be natural wood or else paint them black.  It might be a useful little piece on the back porch next to the entrance door. 

I finished up my purchases with a sweet little turquoise and white sugar bowl for the shop. I liked the colors and the simple clean lines of the design. I don't know the origin. It's simply marked USA on the bottom. (Note: Further research leads me to believe it could be from the Royal China Blue Heaven collection.)

I still have a few other purchases from previous trips to get photographed and listed in my shop. I've been falling behind in keeping things updated I guess.

The rest of the week is devoted to getting my house cleaned up, food prepared and other things readied for a fun weekend. A family reunion is on the agenda (fingers crossed for nice weather), and all three of our kids will be home. With their busy lives and one living in Texas it's a rare occasion when we can all be in one place at the same time. We'll also be celebrating my husband's birthday too and an early Father's Day. Busy. Busy. I'll be back when the dust settles. 

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