Time for another peek at some of "Craig's" recent offerings. Here are ten of my favorite current listings, in no particular order of weirdness. As usual, no identifying info will be revealed to protect the identity or location of the sellers. The seller's listing title is in bold.

1. Bedroom Set for sale - Great Condition! - $2000
    I think someone was on their death bed and trying to make a quick sell here. They managed to post this just before "going to the light". I guess they didn't have time to make the bed.

2.  Anybody looking for Bunk beds? - $100
     Yes, I'm looking. Where are they? Are they behind that bookcase? Come out, come out wherever you are.

     That's one angry looking "chestsa". I think I'll pass. 

4.  Recliner - $150   
     Is this the Michelen Man's chair? Darn right! What a deal!

5.  Blue Side Tables - $70 
    Have a slight tendency to leap frog when you're not looking. Might come in handy for small space apartment dwellers.

6.  Table Lamp with Glass Globe - $5  
     Here's a hot item. Literally! Hot off the stove.

7.  This and that!!! 
     This and that and WHAT? What is that thing?

8. Brown Storage Ottoman - $80  
    Or, you know, just throw stuff on the floor like they did. 

9.   Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker - $5  
      Really? A Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker? OMG! You mean it makes coffee?! Neat! BYOP - Bring your own pot.

10. Love seat - $20  
      I think "Love" may be overstating it a bit. I think Ugly Seat instead? Perhaps "Creepy, Witchy, Goth" or "Furry, Feline, Hairball"? 

Okay, that's all I have for this time. Have you found anything interesting or unusual on Mr. Craig's list? Sharing is required. Leave in the comment section below. 

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