Here's my back porch a few weeks ago. Not bad, at least in the picture. Up close it was another story. The white paint had yellowed over the years, the gray painted floor was chippy and peeling, there were unpainted spots where I'd taken down curtain hardware, and a piece of new door trim needed to be painted.

I thought I could get this project done in a week or so. The porch isn't very big. Ha!

After all I was just freshening up the white paint with more white paint. I thought I could just slap a coat of paint on it and be done. Ha again! That didn't work out too well. Reminder to self: Pay a little extra for the good paint next time. So...a coat of primer on everything and then two coats of paint. If I'd known I could have gotten the paint that has the primer built in and saved myself a lot of time, but I had  just bought a new gallon of pricey enough paint that I couldn't let go to waste.

In addition, everything on the porch is either beadboard, clapboard, or trim except the floor. So it was hours and hours of tedious brushwork. Then on top of everything else the weather turned miserably hot and humid. I decided to put the project on hold for awhile, wishing I'd never started. In the meantime all that stuff you see in the picture up above had been moved to our dining room so we were living with that mess too. And did I mention there are eight window sashes? In the end I chose not to do those. They aren't too bad and are covered up with the shades. I'll do them in the fall when it's cooler and less humid so I don't have to worry about the windows sticking. FYI: The window coverings are Ikea Enje roller blinds in dark gray. They do a great job of cutting the glare on the east and south facing windows without blocking much of the view.

For a long time I'd been thinking it would be fun to paint the white ceiling a light blue, aqua or green and since I needed to paint the ceiling anyway I decided to go for it. I chose the color Scandinavian Sky from Pittsburgh Paints. I think the name was as much an influence as the color, a nice nod to my Norwegian heritage. When I got to the halfway point though I wasn't loving it. The blue was a bit darker than I expected and wasn't covering very well. I seriously considered covering it up with white again. So I just left it like that, half painted. But after a couple days it started to grow on me so I hitched up my big girl painting pants and soldiered on.

After the ceiling and walls I still had the floor to paint. Again, two coats. I went with a slightly lighter gray using a porch and floor paint. The gray that was there was looking quite purplish compared to the light blue ceiling. The lighter gray looks much better although it does show every speck of dirt, blade of grass or hair that falls off my head. Really! I'm like an animal. I have shedding seasons and apparently this is shedding season. Hair everywhere. Anyway, I digress. The light gray is probably not the best color for a porch that we use as our every day entry from the garage, yard and garden. I do have a rug to catch most of what's dragged in. But I can see it's going to be constant maintenance. I'll deal with it. Beauty always comes with a price.

Enough chit chat. You want to see the "after" picture?

Look at that beautiful ceiling. I'm always gazing up at it now. One of these times I'll probably trip and fall on my face. But then I can just roll over on my back for an even better view. With my Ikea chairs and pretty blue sky ceiling I'm in Scandinavian heaven. 

The last photo was taken later in the day so the light wasn't quite as good. Believe me when I say it is so much whiter and brighter than before. And goodbye purply floor. The rug is also Ikea from a few years ago. 

I'm working on one last thing before I can officially call this project done. That shiny brass door hardware is history. I took the pieces off today and spray painted them with Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze. I still have a coat of poly and a few days of good drying to go but will post pictures when it's all finished. It should be a big improvement. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will hold up to daily use. 

My reward for getting this accomplished? A nice, cool weekend by the lake. Ahhh. 

Does that blue remind you of anything?  

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