This will be one of those mash-up posts with a little of this and a little of that. Some small projects I've completed, a few thrift finds, and the like.


Here is a little dip painting project. No before pictures. It's just your basic box store cheap stool. It had been sitting in my husband's basement workshop for years. He used it as a makeshift sawhorse or work stand. Before that it was a curbside pick-up. Yeah, it was pretty awful looking. My daughter wanted a stool for her kitchen so I basically stole this from the workshop and did a little rehab. I wanted some of the wood grain to show through so after brushing on the white I then wiped some of it off. The turquoise legs are done in the same paint I used on her dresser. Afterwards I scuffed the edges up a bit and gave it all a coat of poly. She's happy with it. I'm kind of "meh". I don't like the white. If I were to redo it I'd change the white to a dark charcoal gray.


Apparently I have a thing about big Tiki forks and spoons. I have a set that I painted turquoise hanging in my dining room. I did another pair in lime green that I sold in the shop. Then over a couple week's time span I came upon three more sets! One set is huge...45" tall! I painted those in olive green at the request of my daughter, also destined for her apartment. The other two are in the shop. One set is a tomato red and the other neon orange. In the pictures they look pretty similar but there is a difference. I really like the neon. Head on over to my shop if you're interested.

I've had this nautical looking weather station lying around for awhile. It was an ugly beat-up stained wood so I painted it white.  It has three gauges, one each for temperature, barometric pressure and humidity. I'm obsessed with looking at it every day, happy when the humidity levels are nice and low! I have it hanging on the back porch for now. 

Picture my 87 year old mother retrieving this ladder back chair out of her neighbor's dumpster. Way to go Mom! She thought it was too good to throw out, which it is, and asked if she could have it. The neighbor couldn't imagine why anyone would possibly want such a piece of junk. One man's junk, as the saying goes. I sort of like its rustic weathered look. It is old so I might just see if I can sell it and leave it up to the next person to decide if they want to paint it or keep it as is.

On our recent trip up north we stopped at a favorite little beach area on the shore of Lake Superior. It's right next to the University of Minnesota - Duluth Limnology Lab. Limnology is "the study of the biological, chemical, and physical features of lakes and other bodies of fresh water". It was built in 1888 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. I never noticed anything much about the building before except that it was old. Apparently it's gone through a nice renovation since I was there last time! Look at all that architectural detail, including the fish weather vane. There's a nice write-up on the link about the building's history and renovation. 

Aside from all my tiki sets, a few other treasures have found their way into my hands. I picked up a rather amateurish tropical bird painting at Goodwill one day, was about to pass on it, and then I turned it over and was immediately smitten. (Click to enlarge for easier reading). A nice little bit of 50's decor documentation. Of course I had to buy it.

The copper clad Paul Revere skillet wasn't even identifiable as copper at first. It was so grungy with baked on grease that it was almost black. But it had a nice heft to the pan and I was sure I'd be able to clean it up. It took hours of elbow grease but it finally got there. It has a riveted brass handle too. It's so pretty now while still showing some age. I tested it one morning and my eggs came out perfect. 

This little black wire magazine rack with it's cute ball feet had me at hello. So very mid-century. It's all metal, none of that plastic coated stuff. Keep or sell? I haven't decided yet.

The yellow tea kettle was a great find too. I'm always on the lookout for vintage enamelware. It was looking very gross and it's no surprise that it had been passed over in the thrift shop. The wrappings on the handle were black with grime and the enamel  looked chipped. But on closer inspection I was able to ascertain that it was just very dirty. There is a Japanese marking on the bottom of the kettle. After cleaning it up with Barkeepers Friend (my go to cleaner for anything metal) it came out looking pristine. There isn't a chip or scratch on it and the inside looks like it was never used. Even the handle came clean with a gentle scrub. I have it on my stove and the cheery yellow is a nice little boost of color to my kitchen. It makes a nice companion piece to a collection of other enamelware I own. 

Finally, I was smitten by this little bird. It's hand painted and has a Japanese stamp on the bottom too. It's a cute little dash of color sitting on my desk and makes me smile every day. 

If you have any fun finds or projects you've been working on lately feel free to show and tell in the comment section below. I'll be back next week with more. Have a great weekend. 

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