Going, Going, Gone?

Just popping in a for a short hello. We're getting ready for a thrift sale this weekend so I'll be busy organizing. It's such a chore to weed through every nook and cranny and decide what goes, not to mention pricing things. Every time I have a sale I vow never to do it again, and yet here I am. This won't even begin to make a noticeable dent in everything we should be getting rid of. Ah, dreams of a minimalist lifestyle. To achieve that I'll have to sell my house with all the contents included and just leave.

My favorite part of holding a sale is setting up and displaying. My husband always complains I take too much time to make things look nice. I do, but I've always had people comment on how clean and organized everything looks and I think it translates into better sales. I also take a little extra effort to be sure the items I'm selling are clean, usable and in working order. I personally hate going to sales where everything is a jumble, dirty and just junk. Some people love that. The thrill of the hunt, digging for treasure and all that. Anyway, we're throwing this one together rather quickly so it may not be my best. I'll be spending today down in the basement digging stuff out and pricing. Good day for it. The forecast calls for a heat index over 100 by this afternoon so I might almost enjoy being in the cool basement.

Aside from the sale readiness, I've been adding a few new items to my Etsy shops. Over at Blue Casa you'll find this cute retro orange pig dry erase board. I think it's so much fun. If I had a spot that it fit I'd keep it.

At my Red Telly vintage shop you'll find some items to perk up your day. For starters, this beautiful retro aqua Thermo-Serve coffee carafe. Pretty, eh?

And another little flame proof stove pot percolator. It looks like it has never been used. Perfect when making coffee for just one or two. I'm always looking for pots than can brew coffee that won't come into contact with plastic. I truly believe that drinking coffee day after day that is brewed through plastic coffee makers can't be good for a person. 


I don't know what this little stand is for. If anyone knows please leave a comment. I just thought it was a really cute bit of midcentury decor. It would be nice on a desk holding some office accessories, in the bathroom for toiletries or guest towels, or even used as a plant stand. 


I can't leave out some dust collecting tchotchkes. Ha ha. Can you tell I've seen more than my share of dust while getting ready for this thrift sale? Anyway, the dove figurine is so sweet. We have a lovely pair of mourning doves outside our window that coo me awake every morning. This reminds me of them.


Not listed yet, if they ever will be, I just needed to show you these cute oriental figurines. They remind me of my grandmother. She had something similar that I remember from my childhood visits. I think they were perched on a TV lamp that had a conical shaped shade, like this one.

Finally, for you Cinderellas and shoe addicts, I found a cute ceramic high heel. It was white and boring, so I gave it a shot of spray paint. I'm thinking of making a fitted roll inside for storing and displaying rings. Not sure yet. Maybe even add a few embellishments on the outside to bling it up a bit. It'll be listed at Blue Casa in time. 

So that's it. Back to the dungeon for me. I'll be back next week, if I survive, to let you know how we did on our sale. Hope all the work will be worth it. Wish me luck! 

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