Black and White...(orange, red, yellow and green)

I used to think that white was just...well, white! Just one color, or lack of color. But of course it's not. There are a slew of variations of white...brighter, pinker, bluer, grayer, creamier, etc. That is the quandary I am facing at the moment. And by moment I mean now! I need to go buy "white" paint for my kitchen cabinets today and the more I look at all the white variations the more my heads starts to spin. Just look at all these variations of white from Benjamin Moore's paint gallery. Wow!

Benjamin Moore

One aspect of the choice is my kitchen sink. Originally the bottom cabinets would all be gray. But then I had a brainstorm. I've often wished I could have a farmhouse sink. Wouldn't it look nice with my charcoal gray cabinets? Like in this picture I found on Pinterest:

via Pinterest
Then it dawned on me! My sink cabinet has an apron front! It's the same width and depth as the sink bowls. The cabinet doors below it are recessed a few inches, so by painting the apron white it will have the semi illusion of a farmhouse sink! Insert happy dance. But that means I need to pretty closely match the color of the sink. I know that oil based paints, and white in particular, will tend to yellow over time. So I'm trying to factor that into my choice of paint color as well.

And now that I'm looking at that picture up above I'm second guessing my decision to leave the upper cabinets white. Oh dear. I wish I were a more decisive person.

Anyway, the title of this post is Black and White. So where's the black? Just in this little story that has nothing to do with my kitchen or any other decorating topic. Yesterday afternoon my husband and I decided to do a little back road rambling to take in the beautiful Wisconsin fall colors, stopping here and there along the way to shoot a few photos. I spotted a pretty pastoral scene of some Holstein heifers dotting a green hillside, with a backdrop of beautifully colored trees. We pulled over and I hopped out to get the photo. No sooner had I exited the car than I heard a far off greeting moo-ed to me, and then one by one the girls started ambling down the hill in single file towards us. Slowly but steadily they eventually all made it to the fence line where we were waiting. I'm guessing there were about fifteen or twenty cows in all. We had a nice little visit as they posed for their photos, which I promised I'd put up on my blog. Making good on my word, here are my new bff's.

Suddenly craving some milk and oreos. 

I'll leave you with this beautiful view. I truly feel like I'm living in a paradise this time of year.

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