Painted Cabinets Reveal

As promised, finally, a few photos of my repainted kitchen cabinets. They're not easy to photograph. Poor lighting, reflections and a tight spot to try to get in...not to mention trying to avoid letting you see the dirty dishes all piled up just out of the picture...ha ha.

In the end I'm fairly happy with how they turned out. Although in a few photos they may look streaky, especially when you click and enlarge the pictures, it's mostly reflections you're seeing. I'm on the fence about having kept the apron front white. I'll live with it for awhile before deciding if I want to paint it gray like the rest. Any opinions? Unlike the gray oil based paint I used a latex waterborne version for the white. It isn't supposed to yellow over time as the oil paint would. Although the same finish, satin, it doesn't seem to have as much sheen as the gray. I'd prefer it to be a bit shinier and smoother feeling. I'll see how it holds up over the next few months before making a final decision on what to use for the top cabinets. 

I kept all the original hardware. I thought about replacing the drawer pulls but in the end decided to keep what I had. Someday down the line when I might want to sell these they will be all original...except for the paint of course. I still need to put the "Geneva" logo tag back on the apron front too. You can see the holes where that will go. 

I am so anxious to get going on the walls! I'd be peeling that paper now but I know it will take longer than I think and with the holidays fast approaching we've decided to wait until afterwards. I can't imagine trying to cook holiday meals in a torn apart mess and the bright yellow walls that are under that paper. But one small item is ticked off my list at least. It's a start. Here's that list again:

  • Refinish the metal cabinets. (bottom cabinets done anyway...)
  • Tile backsplash over sink. 
  • Strip wallpaper, prep walls and paint.
  • Repair cracked ceiling and paint.
  • New lighting: Pendants over the island, sink lighting.
  • Properly vented range hood installed at correct height.
  • Paint the woodwork white?
  • New doors made for built-in cabinets.
  • Insulate built-ins.
  • New flooring.
  • New energy efficient back door.
  • Cabinets to make use of empty space above and around appliances.
  • Bifold doors for utility nook.

From now until Christmas I will be concentrating on food, gift making, decorating, entertaining and fun! Today I'm dusting off my sewing machine to get started on the gift making. I wish I could show pictures but it will have to wait...it's a secret for now. Have you started gearing up for the holidays? Are you going to be spending it in the midst of a remodeling project? How do you cope with that if you are? 

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  1. BEAUTIFUL JOB! Thanks for sharing. You really did do a fantastic job. I would leave the apron as is. I have a house that I am going to do exactly like this. You were an inspiration! Thank you!