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This song pretty much describes how I feel when I start thinking about finding my perfect sofa. I know it's going to happen someday. I just know it. Until then I wait and dream about it. Drool over pretty sofa pictures. Imagine what it will be like. My only fear is that when we finally meet I'll turn into a jealous mate and won't allow anyone to get within ten feet, let alone sit on it.

Here's my latest prospect:

Kind of ugly, yeah? But wait, I have rose... errr, blue colored glasses. I can see Mr. Stripey turning into something like...

I know the picture is a little fuzzy. Or maybe it's just the tears of happiness in my eyes thinking of what could be. I'm sure a talented upholsterer could totally make this happen. My only concern is whether or not I'd be able to get up from the sofa without calling for help. Low slung sofa + bad knees = 911. I'm sure there is a code for that in law enforcement, right? Would that be a 10-53 - Woman Down? or a 586 - Illegal Parking? Hmm, something to take into consideration anyway. 

I'm going to run it by the Mr. and see what he thinks. Will keep you updated. 

Have a great holiday weekend. I'm off to see a man about a horse chocolate bunny. 

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