Vintage Medical Cabinets

My husband must cringe whenever I'm browsing Craigslist, Etsy or Ebay and tell him I have something he "just has to see".  It usually means I've discovered a piece of vintage furniture that I just have to add to my collection of waiting projects. This morning I was casually scrolling through Craigslist when I spotted a vintage metal medical cabinet. Ding, ding, ding! Only $50 and in fairly decent condition! Now that I've successfully tried dipping my toes into refinishing metal cabinets I think it's a realistic doable project. I've already been in touch with the seller and I'm hoping I can get my hands on it before someone else does. (Update: It's mine!) A cabinet like this is so versatile. Really, it could fit in anyplace. I'd love to use it as storage in our bathroom. I can see it working equally well in an office, dining room, craft room, living room, bedroom or laundry.

In the meantime I thought I'd go in search of some inspiration photos. The first picture is the actual cabinet I'm hoping to buy. Glass sliding doors, intact! Only tiny bits of rust. Shelves covered with yellow contact paper. Cream colored finish, or maybe just discolored white. Its dimensions are 64 x 30 x 15 which is a perfect size in my opinion; not too big, but big enough to provide ample storage.

It doesn't look too exciting does it? But check out this gorgeous teal cabinet that's very similar. The Craigslist cabinet claims it has glass shelves, but of course covered with contact paper. I'd probably have to get new glass. Lots easier than cleaning gooey adhesive off what is already there. 

Here's a real stunner that recently sold on Etsy. Love, love, love the coral color and I really dig the textured glass which would be great for hiding things in my cabinet (Yes, I already consider it mine) if used in the bathroom -- that is if I could somehow get sliding doors made of glass like this.

Here's another I spied on Pinterest. A light inside would be nice. I don't think it would be too hard to wire one up. I also like the black accents and extra wide drawer pulls. 

I've seen quite a few 1950's era cabinets with these big round knobs which are rather fun and funky. Some Bondo would easily fill in the current holes and I could re-drill for new hardware. Something to consider. 

There you have it. Just what I need. Another project that will take me forever to get around to doing. One of these days we are going to have to get serious about finding that dream property that has a heated workshop where my husband and I can pursue our interests year round -- woodworking for him and furniture refinishing for me. We're always on the lookout but the perfect place just hasn't materialized yet. "One of these days" should be my motto. 

My husband will no doubt remind me that I still have a set of gym lockers sitting in storage waiting to be transformed. Shhhh. Maybe he won't remember. I guess I have a wee bit of a thing for vintage metal furniture

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