Danish Delight

I scored a great find yesterday. I'd spent the morning mindlessly cruising the aisles of department stores doing some last minute gift shopping. After several hours I was getting sensory overload from all the excess of American consumerism, and still not having much luck finding what I needed. So, I did what I usually do in cases like that. I headed for Goodwill. Low and behold I found several gifts there, some gently used and some new. Two tops for my mother that look like new and I know she'll love, a fleece hat for my husband, several stocking stuffers, and even a little something for me. Total at the checkout: $18. And that included a round-up to the nearest dollar that they ask you to consider donating.

Here's what I got for myself. A 1960's Danish teak wine rack marked "Nissen, Langaa, Danmark". The real deal! I've sold several knock-offs of these in my Etsy shop but never expected to find a genuine one. And here's the kicker. It was on an end cap of clearance items for the grand price of $1.49. My love for Scandinavian design has developed over the years and I have total seller's remorse over several items I've let slip through my hands. Looking at you Seppo Malaat for Arabia Finel sauce pan. (Just like this one.) Not this time. This one is a keeper. It's the perfect size to fit on the shelves of my midcentury dining room cabinet with the handy liquor storage. A little spruce up with some Danish oil and it should make for a very nice display with a few bottles of vino.

Can hold up to four bottles vertically or six horizontally. 

It totally rejuvenated me and I was able to finish my shopping with a smile on my face. Thanks Goodwill!

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