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What is redtelly?

redtelly turns online links into powerful physical bonds by connecting the people you love the most with content that moves them. Our service merges the best of both worlds. Combining the simple accessibility of digital videos and the lifelong sentimentality of physical objects.

We want people to hold, carry, and cherish precious memories in both the physical and digital world. Whether you want to create a special moment for a loved one or reach a wide audience in seconds, redtelly gives you the power to connect with people in a more intimate way.

A vintage TV animation with a static screen

Why a red tv?

QR Code is an affordable and versatile piece of technology, but let’s be honest, it’s not aesthetically pleasing. We designed redtelly to give the infamous QR Codes a slightly more pleasant look and meaning.

When you look at a redtelly from a distance, it looks like a TV with a static screen. Besides, it's a video in a TV frame! Makes sense, right? 🤓